are you prepared?

Effective Readiness

Would you be prepared in a large Earthquake that was large enough to do real damage and passably cut you off from others, loosing communication on your cell phone and to make things worse, you have your 3 year old on the way to get some gas because your low fuel light is on.

What could you of even done to prepare for something like this?

There are basic and logical things you can do to prepare for bad situations like this one in the picture.

Think about it!

Who would you contact?

A Group of People who know and trust each other.

Who would you call if you could, and if you couldn’t call, would someone come looking for you?

Who could you trust when things go real bad, and it seems there is no help from anyone?

Do you think Police or Fire people will be able to help 20,000 people or even 5000 at once?

Think about it!